How to Enjoy Paihia

If Paihia is part of your summer itinerary, venture in Paihia’s beautiful spots with ease – book your ride at car rental Paihia!

Summer is here and you need a break. If you would like to escape to a summer venture in New Zealand’s Bay of Islands, you are in luck because here is a brief guide for you. This is a group of islands situated in New Zealand’s Northern Island at its Far North District extending to the subtropics. It has become known globally for its picturesque scenes and its big-game fishing. If you signed up for a tour of the Northern Island, you will be bound to visit Paihia. 

Paihia is the crown jewel of all the tourist town destinations in the Bay of Islands. It has a population of about 1,990 and a whole lot of tourists. Although it is a laid-back town Paihia boasts scenic walks that include five different destinations that can be a good way to work out some of the delicious food you had partaken. The walk destinations include the beautiful Paihia Viewpoint, a stroll in the native forest known as Harrison’s Bush Scenic Reserve, the breath-taking track along the coastal line from Paihia to Opua and many more. 

When hunger hits you, Paihia offers a broad selection of mouth-watering options that will take you through a wonderful of a gastronomic journey. As a coastal town, they guarantee just fresh seafood off if the sea in their dishes and they too offer authentic Thai and Chilean options as well. Whether you like Asian, European or local New Zealand dishes – you name it, they have it! 

Sure there are going to be long walks while you stroll the streets of Paihia but if you want to extend your reach beyond Paihia grab a car and ride to other towns to check out what they have to offer which they surely will not disappoint. Towns notable of your visit are Auckland, Tauranga, Gisborne and Hamilton. If you want to enjoy your stay and be able to maximize relaxation make sure you rent a car so you will have more time to enjoy the Paihia and its neighbouring towns and islands during your visit.