Five Things You Didn’t Know About Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand up paddle boarding has been gaining popularity in Auckland over the last few years, and why wouldn’t it be? We live in a beautiful location with plenty of calm water areas to get out on and enjoy. We know it’s a fun and healthy activity to enjoy in the Auckland summers (and winters if you’re braver), but there are some interesting things you may not have known about standup paddle boards Auckland. Here’s a list of five things you probably didn’t realise about the world of stand up paddleboarding.

1) Stand up paddle boarding originated in the 1940s
That’s right! It’s been around for nearly 80 years and actually started out in the beautiful paradise of Hawaii. No one actually set out to stand up paddleboard, just sort of happened when surfers were out and wanted to get a better view of the waves!

2) It might become an Olympic sport
There’s nothing confirmed yet, but there is speculation that stands up paddle boarding might be its very own event in either the Paris 2024 games or the 2028 Los Angeles games. 

3) The oldest stand up paddle boarder was 95
Unfortunately, John Zapotocky died in 2013, but before his death, he was the world’s oldest stand-up paddleboarder! A lot of people refer to him as the father of paddle boarding because of his age, skill, and passion for the sport

4) Stand up paddle boarding can help you lose weight
If you’ve had some experience on a stand-up paddleboard and cruise at an average pace for moderate skill levels (2.5mph), you’ll burn two times as many calories as you would on a walk of the same length. You’ll end up burning about 305 to 430 calories going for a casually paced hour-long paddle.

5) Stand up paddle boarding is a great rehab exercise
The workout the stand-up paddleboards give you is low impact but focused on strength, making it perfect for people who have been injured and are looking to recover without causing further harm.