Dental Implants Can Alter Your Life Forever

Dental implants Auckland techniques have improved remarkably over recent years and with a successful implant, you won't have to hide your teeth ever again. Two common types of dental implant procedures are subperiosteal and endosteal dental implants. Endosteal implants are placed in your jawbone and mimic your natural roots. Those with removable dentures or bridges opt for this procedure. A sub-periosteal implant is placed just below your gums and on top of your jawbone. Those who cannot use dentures for any reason and those with less bone height are ideal for this method.

Dental implants Auckland are the closest you can get to your natural teeth. They can restore your teeth's chewing ability back to its original state and you will be able to eat everything. A successful dental implant surgery does not loosen over time like dentures so they restore your confidence levels. The implant wholly imitates the feel and function of your original teeth. It does not use denture clasps or glues to attach the teeth and does not rely on neighboring teeth for support, which can damage good teeth. It can also improve your speech by getting rid of the feeling of fullness that accompanies dentures. Loss of bone and shrinking of jawbone is halted as dental implants act like your natural roots.

An overall success rate of 90% has been established with dental implants Auckland. Your prosthetic teeth are provided a secure and comfortable support with a good dental implant, which can replace your teeth without causing damage to neighboring teeth. Following a dental implant procedure, if you follow the instructions given by your periodontist strictly, you can be sure that your dental implant will be a success. Those who don't pay attention to oral hygiene and neglect care of their implants are those who come in for a repeat procedure.

Some of you may need ridge modification or sinus augmentation before you can get a dental implant. Raising the sinus floor to facilitate placing of the dental implant on the harder to reach portions of the lower and upper jaw, is called sinus augmentation. Or if you have bone deformities, it will have to be corrected by ridge modification which lifts your gum away and exposes the defective bone to enable filling with bone substitutes.

An implant can support dentures or a full bridge easily so you can get your teeth or a single tooth replaced without any difficulty. Dental implants not only serve an aesthetic purpose but also prevent the loss of bone and recession of gums, which are common problems with regular bridges and dentures, thus saving neighboring teeth and restoring confidence.